Types of Edging Available

ABS edging
ABS & 3D Acrylic Edging

  • Available in 1, 2, and 3mm thicknesses
  • Widths from 12mm up to 60mm
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excess recycled on site
hardwood edging
Hardwood Edging

  • A choice of hardwood lippings up to 20mm width
  • Panel thickness up to 60mm
  • Density and moisture checked if required
  • Square or radiused face
  • Grooving and Rebating can be accommodated
veneer edging
Veneer Edging

  • A wide variety of species by coil
  • Matches for popular face veneers
  • multi layered options available to produce a thicker edge profile
shaped edgebanding
Shaped Edged Panels

  • Two dedicated Homag BAZ 700 series machining centres for shaped edged panels
  • Panels are radiuses then lipped via CNC, using holt melt technology
Edgebanding Revolution

PUR edgebanding

Here at Starbank we are always at the forefront when it comes to offering our customers the very latest technologies in panel production. As we have always prided ourselves on the quality of the products produced, we have made the move of supplying PUR bonded edging on all our straight edge panels as standard.

What Does This Mean For You?

PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) glue edgbanding technology is the ultimate solution were high bond strength and moisture resistance are required. This high bond strength (chemical cross link) is maintained for panels that are to be used in wet or humid environments, whereas alternate systems would not be suitable. The manufacturing capabilities of PUR adheisive allow us to bond:

  • Component thickness up to 60mm (Please check with the sales office at the time of enquiry).
  • ABS, 3D Acrylic and veneer coil material
  • Solid timber edges up to 20mm width
  • 44mm & 54mm Solid core fire doors
  • Wide choice of solid hardwood finishes available
  • Wide choice of HPL edging
  • Edging application before or after face laminating
Edgebanding Technology

Double edgebander
Homag KAL 526

The Homag KAL 526 is our double edgebanding machine. It utilises the PUR adhesive system and state of the art barcoding technology; producing exceptional high quality and high performance. This machine ensures lean processes by simultaneously edging two sides with material up to 60mm thick and from 0.4mm to 20mm wide hardwood.

Single edgbander
Homag KAL 310

The Homag KAL 310 single edgebander has the PUR adhesive system installed, to ensure high quality control throughout our edge banding division. This machine is capable of edging panel thickness from 10mm up to 60mm thick in either ABS, 3D Acrylic or veneer edge banding via coil.

Homag 722
Homag BAZ 722

New edging technology allows for an even tighter internal and external radius than ever before (subject to specification), the first of its type in the UK on a BAZ CNC. Our BAZ 722 shaped edgebander can edge panels with: 1,2 & 3mm ABS, 3D Acrylic & Veneer. The exact precision of this machine allows for only a hairline join between the beginning and end of the edging.

Homag 723
HomagBAZ 723

This is the largest of our BAZ machines. Using a gantry system this machine has two dedicated routing heads as well as a separate edgbanding unit. Large panels can be loaded via the integrated vacuum lift which locates parts directly on the machine.