Fire Rated Door and Frame Components

As one of the UK’s leading laminate fabricators we have been manufacturing fire doors for many years. Shield® is our registered trademark under which we manufacture Q Mark FD30 and FD60 certified fire doors.

Our route to market is very clear. Our services include the fabrication of supply only fire doors for the commercial, education and healthcare fit-out industries.

Our offer includes high pressure laminate, PVC, and veneer finished blanks as well as high performance postformed leading edges as well as the more traditional exposed or concealed lippings.

The increased capacity and efficiency of our technology allows the use of high performance, reactive PU adhesives for hardwood lippings, which offer a permanent high temperature and water resistant glue line.

Our Q Mark fire doors can be supplied to any stage of production from just a raw door blank that has been faced, right through to a finished fire door; complete with a glazed and beaded vision panel, Intumescent strip, rebate for meeting style and even preparatory machining for hinges or other ironmongery.

Straight Edge Fire Door

Straight Edge Fire Doors

Postformed Fire Doors

Postformed Fire Doors

Fire Door Configurations

The diagrams below depict the typical door configurations that we can manufacture to Q Mark standards. Door design is an integral part in ensuring your fire door meets your specific needs, so we can always talk through your project and find a design that is best suited. Each configuration can be tailored to FD30 or FD60 rated fire doors ensuring we can always meet your specification requirements.

fire door single leaf
Single Leaf
fire door equal pair
Equal Pair
fire doors unequal pair
Unequal Pair
Face Material Options

High Pressure Laminates

High pressure laminates are available in the widest range of decors including solid colours, pattterns and woodgrains. HPL is both moisture and impact resistant according to EN438 standards. We can supply a full FSC Chain of Custody door if your project requires. (please request at the time of quotation).


Thermoplastic decorative facings are ideal for hygiene conscious areas. They combine excellent impact strength, abrasion resistance, rigidity,durability, chemical resistance and fire retardant (depending on the brand of thermoplastic chosen). technical data is available on request.


PVC decorative faces come in a range of finishes to suit differing needs. Smooth for hygiene conscious areas, and a textured finish for areas of high impact, to reduce the appearance of scuffs and scratches. PVC is resistant to most chemicals and staining. Technical information of each brand is available on request.

Core Material Options

Strebord FD30/ FD60

Strebord door cores are all fabricated to GDC ( Graduated Density Chipboard) standards. Strebord supply 35mm FD30, 44mm FD30 and 54mm FD60 fire rated, as well as non fire rated door cores. They are very robust and manufactured to close tolerances to suit modern joinery processes.

Halspan FD30/ FD60

Halspan door cores are all fabricated to GDC (graduated Density Chipboard) standards. They consist of a core of long grain wood chip to give it it’s screw holding properties and two deck layers of high density fine wood chips suitable for finishing with veneer, HPL, PVC or paint.

Flame break FD30/ FD60

The flame break lightweight timber cores are available with either a plywood or MDF face. Solid laminated wood cores as a base product for the manufacture of wooden doorsets.

Blankfort FD30/ FD60

Provides a minimum FD30 or FD60 fire rating combined with high levels of resistance to impact and attack as well as very high acoustic values.

Warm Springs FD90/ FD120

Warm Springs composite cores provide a minimum FD90 or FD120 fire rating. The component core is certified to meet British standards up to 120 minutes as well as EN 1634:2014

Door Core Matrix

Core Material





Warm Springs




Exposed Lipping






Concealed Lipping






Q Mark Fire Door Plug Guide

The Q Mark plugs are inserted into our fire rated doors to indicate the fire resistance properties of each door. each colour and code is representative of a certain feature within the door design. the plugs are located in the hinge side of the door. Below are the combination of plug options that we currently offer under our Q Mark scope.

Outer Colour: Period of Fire Resistance

fd30 door
30 minutes
fd60 door
60 minutes
fd90 door
90 minutes
fd120 dors
120 minutes

Inner tree colour when fixed to the door

approved door no intumescent

Approved door, intumescent fitted by others

approved door with intumescent

Approved door, intumescent in door factory fitted

approved factory glazing

Approved factory fitted glazing

certified hung dorset

Pre-hung doorsets not available

Inner tree colour when fixed to the frame

approved frame to match door

Approved frame to match door. All intumescent to frame and door fitted.

Fire Door Installation

As a supply only fabricator of fire rated door components it is essential that your team of contractors are certified installers of fire rated door components. the importance with this is that although we supply you with a fire rated door if it is not installed by qualified installers the door will cease to be a fire rated door by building regulation standards. We have provided the Shield: Best Practice Guide which explains in detail the installation of fire doors.

ASDMA Member

ASDMA (Architectural And Specialist Door Manufacturers Association) was formed in 1990 with membership made up of companies who manufacture specialist bespoke timber doors. Many of these had been founder members of the TRADA QA Scheme for fire doors.

ASDMA’s objectives are:

  • To further the interests of specialist bespoke timber door and doorset manufacturers and their component suppliers
  • To support and inform members
  • To promote and increase best practice in the manufacture and supply of bespoke timber doors and doorsets

Our membership with ASDMA ensures we are constantly in the loop with all the relevant organisations to provide you with high quality fire doors, compliant with our governing body BM TRADA® Q-Mark System.


Fire Door Q Mark