connected surfaces
Look Ma, No Wires!

How much do you rely on your smart phone? And how many times has your phone lost power?

Our Connected Surfaces allow you to charge your mobile device simply by placing it down on whatever piece of furniture the device is installed into: your office desk, your bedside table. Imagine the convenience of this.

Speak to us about installing Connected Surfaces wireless charging into your next furniture project to never lose power again.

How Connected Surfaces Wireless Charging Works

The technology is simple. An emitter produced by our partners Inside is embedded on on the underside of your furniture top. This then gets plugged in, however we ensure the wires stay out of site by routing a cable management channel.

Now any device that has a compatible receiver either built in or connected to it can be placed onto the furniture to be charged.

wireless charging 1
Compatible device with built in receiver

wireless charging 2
Connected receiver for devices without one built in

connected surfaces wireless charging

What to look for

We have teamed up with QInside who supply the technology for our Connected Surfaces brand. QI are internationally recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of wireless charging devices. The technology which we incorporate and embed into your furniture designs is compatible with 80 smartphone models as well as over 700 devices.

Below are the logos that are used on the decorative face of your furniture to indicate to users where they need to place their device in order to charge it. The ‘chee’ logo is internationally recognised for the Inside technology. Our Connected Surfaces logo is our preferred method of indication but we are able to work with most customers logo’s to be able to offer bespoke indication linking directly with your company branding.

QInside wireless charging
‘Chee’ Logo

connected surfaces
Connected Surfaces Logo